What is a gas tight cover?

A cover and frame that provide a gas tight seal to AS3996-2006.

Refer to AS3996-2006 - Appendix F for more detail.


What is a water tight cover?

A cover and frame that provide a water tight seal to AS3996-2006.

Refer to AS3996-2006 - Appendix E for more detail.


What is a sealed cover?

A sealed cover and frame provides both a gas-tight and water-tight seal. It is a lid designed to restrict the access of surface water and restrict the escape of gas.

*Refer to AS3996-2006 Appexdix E & F for more details.

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What is galvanised steel?

It is a hop dipped, zinc coated mild steel. The mild steel products are a fabricated (welded) product. The galvaning is applied after the fabrication to give the mild steel a protective coating. It is typically silver in colour.

Does Ductile Iron rust?

No, during the production of cast ductile iron products a fine layer of iron dust is deposited on the cast item, whcih can form  red-brown marks when it comes into contact with moisture. These red-brown marks are regarded as a patina, that do not have a negative effect on the cast ductile functionality.

What is Ductile Iron?

Ductile Iron is Super Grade Cast Iron made through the casting process. Ductile Iron is a Long Life Product with superior performance to galvanised mild steel products.

Whats standards do our products comply to?

AS3996-2006 Australian Standards for: Access Covers & Grates

BS EN124 : 1994 Gully tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas

BS 750 : 1984 Underground fire hydrants and surface box frames and covers

AS 3600-2009 Australian Standards for: Concrete Structures

AS 3735-2001 Australian Standard for: Concrete Structures for retaining liquids

AS 1428.2-1992 Design for access and mobility